Aspen – 2015 Ram Promaster

Aspen is a DIY build that was originally built in Canada. It’s a great layout with all of the charm and warmth to make you feel at home. It’s so easy to drive and park, it’ll make you feel comfortable anywhere you take it. Best of all, it’s ready to camp. Just pick it up, hit the grocery store and go explore our beautiful state any time of year. It has a ton of features, here are the main ones as well as some gear we throw in to make your trip easier.

  • Unlimited Miles
  • Instagrammable interior 
  • Skylight 
  • Gasoline powered air heater (furnace)
  • Refrigerator
  • Private bathroom stall
  • This van does NOT have a shower
  • Large Sink
  • Comfortable Bed 60×68” plus a few more inches of length in the window opening
  • Bed converts into the coolest dinette with a Lagun table and plenty of seating
  • 6’1” Standing height
  • Plenty of storage
  • Privacy curtain and window covers
  • Water heater – Must have shore power
  • Lithium battery bank with solar
  • Bluetooth
  • Rearview backup camera

We also include the gear below. 

  • Bed linens – 1 blanket, 2 pillows
  • 2 towels
  • 2 camp chairs
  • Roll top table
  • Kitchen Bin
    • 2 burner camp stove
    • Pot and pan
    • Cooking utensils
    • Plates and bowls
    • Eating utensils
    • Kettle or Percolator
    • Colander
    • Collapsible Sink
    • 2 1lb. Propane tanks
    • Sponge
    • Small bottle soap

Aspen is best used when traveling daily from destination to destination. Although it can run the refrigerator for several nights with only the solar charge, using other items such as the vent fan or heater for prolonged periods of time will draw the batteries down. This isn’t typically an issue if you’re driving daily to charge the battery bank. 

The water heater does pull A LOT of power. For that reason, it can only be used on shore power (when the van is hooked up to electrical).. When hooked up to shore power, you can run everything without worrying about drawing down the batteries. 

Pickup can be scheduled at or after 11:00 am at no extra charge. Early pickup may be available at $25/hr for every hour earlier than 11:00. For example a 6:00 am pickup will be $125.00

Drop off can be scheduled at or before 3:00 pm at no extra charge. Late drop off  may be available at $25/hr for every hour later than 3:00 pm. For example a 8:00 pm drop off will be $125.00

Please send us a message to request early pickup or late drop off.